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Best Outdoor Pillows and Accessories For a Perfect Patio Experience [Infographic]

Creating the best outdoor experience for you and your family starts with the right patio furniture. You’ll want to choose outdoor furniture that’s comfortable and inviting. You also want to ensure you have a set up that is right for your family, such as a large sectional sofa or a few chaise lounges. Once you get your patio setup, it is time to consider the extra features that will make it more comfortable and enjoyable. This is easier to do than you think. Here are a few ways to change things up and create the perfect patio experience. outdoor pillows and accessories

Check Out Some Options in Outdoor Pillows

Outdoor pillows allow you to transform a space into something that matches your tastes and interests. There are no limitations to what you can create like this.

Choose the Right Size

The first step is to know what size pillow is best for your needs. Larger pillows, such as those that are 22-inches or bigger, take up a lot of space but add a lot of comfort. If you want a pillow that is a bit more supportive, you want to choose these larger bills. You can also choose 20-inch or 18-inch pillows. A big square, 22-inch pillow, like the Chameleon Capri Throw Pillow is a spectacular addition to a large outdoor chair. It even adds a pop of color and eye-grabbing features.

Consider Pillow Shapes

The next thing to consider is the shape of the pillow. It is very common to go with square pillows as accent options. These provide ample protection while also providing you with enough space to rest your back all the way back on the seat. You can choose other shapes if they better fit your need. Use smaller, square pillows, for example, on the side of a long bench or outdoor sofa. The Kavala Block Throw Pillow, for example, is an excellent accessory piece because of the bright colors. It pairs perfectly with a poolside sofa or chair.

Lumbar Pillows for Support

Here’s another option that may help you. Lumbar pillows are a good tool for adding a bit more support to your back. If you want to hold a conversation with friends and remain in good posture, you want to have this type of pillow behind your back. It’s going to give you support for those long nights around the fire. Lumbar pillows tend to have an elongated shape. They tend to be a bit denser in the center to provide support right at the lower back. They are anything but boring and still add to the style and look of your space. Just check out the Modern Oval Candy lumbar pillow we offer. Or, you may like the mesmerizing look of the Patras Ikat Lumbar Pillow.

Choosing Outdoor Pillow Styling

A bigger decision you will need to make is in regards to outdoor styling. Colors, patterns, and texture are all things to consider when styling your patio furniture. It is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the options, but it can be a lot of fun to choose the right pieces for your space. Here are some style options to think about for your outdoor patio space.
  • Busy patterns do best with a solid pillow cover. Choose a bright color like this basketweave Ginko throw pillow that is perfect for a bright, spring-like feel.
  • Solid color patio furniture can be boring. Add dimension with a bright, interesting pattern. Check out the Bukhara eclipse throw pillow for a good example of a unique pattern.
  • Add a modern touch to your look with a pillow that looks interesting but doesn’t take over the space. This distressed indigo throw pillow is an excellent example of modern looks and beautiful texture.
  • Pull in a bit of geometric flair and interest to help take this look to the next level. The divergence indigo throw pillow has modern, straight lines that make a solid impression.
  • Include throw pillows that offer a bit of art to them. Not all have to be just colors and lines. For example, the Leaf Lagoon throw pillow offers a beautiful look that’s just like a picture. Or, check out something like the Macaw throw pillow which offers a soothing natural image.

What Other Accessories Can Help to Bring Your Patio to Life?

There are many other ways for you to transform your outdoor patio space. When choosing an item, you want to ensure you know how to care for it. You also want to ensure it is well made and designed for outdoor use.

Choose the Right Rug

Create a centered conversation area on your deck using an area rug. Remember, it needs to be designed for outdoor use to ensure it can handle the wear and tear. You will find these are easier to care for than most. Choose a formal option, such as the Garden Cottage Blueberry outdoor rug. Add your chairs, pillows, and accessories to this space to create a charming and welcoming outdoor area. Use something like the Mosaic Ruby outdoor rug to add color, vibrance, and energy to the space instead.

Firepit Glass

There are many other things you can pick up on to add to your outdoor space to make it meaningful. One of those is firepit glass. This seems like such a simple option, but it can add a lot of dimension and flair to the outdoor area. You may want to choose something in a bright color or go with a more natural option. For example, the Bahama Blend firepit glass is exceptional with its bright blue colors. You’ll feel like you are on a tropical getaway. For a more modern option, check out the black firepit glass. It’s not just black, but a blend of grays and a bit of white. This creates a sensual and alluring feel to any location you use it in.

Invest in Protective Covers

While a lot of the pieces you are purchasing are for décor, it is also important to be practical. That means you need to choose covers and protective features for the furniture you place outdoors. Doing this is perhaps the best way to preserve these items during the harsh months. You can choose from bistro table and chair covers, for an easy way to protect your whole set. Another option is just to choose those right for one piece of furniture. With the right care for your furniture and the best selection of outdoor pillows, it becomes easy for you to transform your space into something special. Paddy O’ Furniture is here to help you every step of the wa
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