Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Best Alternatives to Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Wrought iron patio furniture has long been popular for its durability against the elements. In other words, you won't have to reconfigure the dining table every time a strong gust of wind sweeps in, nor will you have to worry about whether all that rain will rust through your expensive investment. But not everyone appreciates the feel of wrought iron, especially in the hot summer months when even an accidental brush against the side of a chair can send your skin into a tailspin. We'll look at the alternatives, so you can make the decision that's best for you and your yard.


While wrought iron is strong, steel is actually just a touch stronger. One of the most popular types of steel furniture is the powder-coated variety, beloved for its sophisticated and modern style. And while iron furniture may be more prone to standing up to strong vibrations, powder-coated steel's protective finish was created to make it that much more stable under pressure. Made from pigment and resin and uniformly sprayed over the surface of the furniture, the particles cling to the outside of the furniture before being heated and fused in a curing oven. It produces quality patio furniture that's attractive but tough. When you need a table that can stand up to the rough-and-tumble treatment from outdoor diners, steel can be exactly what you need.


You might have to look carefully to distinguish wrought-iron from aluminum. Better yet, you may have to go so far as to pick up one of the patio chairs to really know the difference! Aluminum is elegant, comes in a wide variety of designs, and remarkably durable. Despite its reduction in pounds compared to iron, it's easy to maintain and built thick enough to go the distance. If you're wondering how to clean aluminum, all you really need is a bucket of hot, soapy water whenever it needs a good scrub down. If you throw plenty of parties throughout the year and like to mix up the seating, aluminum is easier to move and rearrange whenever you feel like it. The lightweight powder-coating ensures you'll never have to worry about rust.


Wood has always been a popular choice for patio furniture because it's resistant to the extremes of every season. So if you wanted to pull up one of your ottomans to the firepit on the coldest winter night, it won't take very long before you feel as cozy as you did inside. And if you're looking for furniture with benefits for AZ weather, wood practically checks off every box. Plus, there's not nearly as much maintenance with wood as you've probably been led to believe. Today's options are built to resist those summer storms and rare frozen nights. Plus, the elegance and style of wood are timeless. It instantly invites people to sit down and enjoy themselves. Wrought iron may be beautiful, but its coloring and hardness can also be offputting for some yards.


Wicker is a broad term that can refer to furniture made from either plant or synthetic fibers. Originally, it may have been made from willow, bamboo, or reed, but new options have debuted on the market that makes the furniture more versatile for all seasons. All-weather wicker is made with a powder-coated steel frame and a resistant resin for ultimate durability. Property owners who prefer wicker do so because it instantly connotes a beach or old-country vibe, which can be a welcome relief for those who want a respite from city living. Excellent for covered and uncovered patios alike, wicker is light enough to be rearranged if your small twilight gathering accidentally turns into a much larger late-night party.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Resin

While HDPE resin may not sound environmentally friendly, you may not want to judge a material by its name. This type of furniture doesn't require any trips to the forest, and neither will it emit chemicals into the air. The bright colors of HDPE resin add plenty of warmth and personality to any yard, but the primary benefit is this furniture's ability to withstand the sun. So if you happen to love settling into your patio chair and kicking your legs up on the ottoman to watch the sunset, you can leave HDPE resin out without having to worry about discoloration or other signs of UV damage. HDPE was specifically developed to be strong in the face of nearly any threat. If a raccoon, squirrel, or your new puppy tries gnawing on an HDPE piece, it's unlikely to be punctured by their sharp teeth.

Tips for Deciding

When it comes to selecting patio furniture, your decision needs to be based on what you'll use on a regular basis. If the furniture is too heavy, you may find yourself hesitant to move it. If the cushions start to fade or sag, it can cause residents to avoid sitting down. Too many homeowners base it on what looks best in the store or the numbers on the price tag, only to find that the patio furniture simply isn't practical. It's ignored outside and eventually taken into a garage to be ignored there too. If you're searching for an alternative to wrought iron furniture, our options open your yard up to a world of style, color, and comfort. Whether you go for a modern set of bar stools for an elegant outdoor cocktail hour or a set of wicker sofas where everyone can gather round to chat, it's all about the life you envision for yourself when you step outside the confines of your home.

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Paddy O' Furniture has a knack for understanding what our customers really want out of their furniture. Our expert staff asks the right questions so you can get the most out of every piece. If you're looking for just one perfect chair, we'll help you find one that lasts sunrise after sunrise. If you're looking to outfit your whole backyard, we help you find seating for all your family and friends. We're so confident in our furniture that we offer a warranty for up to 15 years. When you're tired of letting half your property go unused month after month, contact us today.
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