Wicker Patio Furniture

9 Benefits of Buying Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker has been a popular choice for outdoor furniture, largely because it's as attractive as it is practical. And while materials like cast-iron and steel certainly have their advantages, wicker gives your patio a more natural look. Today's wicker is also coated with resin to survive (and thrive) in any climate. See why it's a great way to sit back under the sun and stars.
  1. Easy to Clean
Most people know what it's like to buy brand-new patio furniture and feel that twinge of inspiration. No longer will you stay indoors — now you're really going to enjoy your yard. But it's not long before dust piles up on your once pristine loveseat, chairs, and table, and you start to forget that it's even there. Wicker furniture can't stop Mother Nature, but it is effortless to clean. Just keep the garden hose nearby and you'll see just how fast your wicker springs back to life.
  1. Made for All-Weather Conditions
The summer sun can be intense for everyone and everything, and it's all too common for outdoor materials to start to wilt or bleach after just a few months. Wicker is undeniably tough though, despite its relatively mild appearance. It may not have the severely beautiful look of cast iron, but it can still withstand the pressure of the seasons. Resistant to anything from mildew to mold, or hail to humidity, you can trust your wicker furniture to hold it together.
  1. Warm and Welcoming
We know what you're thinking: if you use your patio furniture in the dead of summer, the last thing you want it to do is warm you up. But in this case, we're using the term figuratively. When you want to move your indoor party outside, wicker furniture has an inviting look that makes it easy for everyone to switch venues. Outdoor entertaining is more enjoyable when everyone's comfortable and relaxed, so set up your hors d'oeuvres on a wicker table and let everyone help themselves.
  1. Design Styles for Everyone
While wicker furniture may have a homey quality to it, that doesn't mean that it has to look like your grandparent's old washed-out set. Today's patio furniture comes in so many design styles and colors that it can fit nearly anyone's tastes in home decor. Whether you're looking for something country chic or you want to go a little more modern, wicker furniture can blend in seamlessly with your existing furniture.
  1. Repairs Are Minimal
No matter what your budget is, patio furniture is undoubtedly an investment. If you're going to shell out that much money, you want to make sure it lasts more than a season or two. Wicker furniture is durable enough to keep on ticking, making it an affordable choice when you factor in the many years of returns you'll get from it. While you may need to attend to a small repair or two every few years or so, the overall lifespan of quality wicker is remarkable.
  1. Easy to Move
Changing up furniture is not only fun to do, but it's also a healthy way to express yourself. As nice as it is to have something you can count on every day, it's also good to try new things. If you love to experiment, wicker furniture is light-weight enough to switch the configuration whenever the mood strikes. Want to move one of your extra loveseats over and see how it looks next to your new fire pit? Now you don't have to worry about throwing out your back just because you want to test the waters.
  1. Plays Well with All Furniture
Some types of furniture just don't mesh well together. You wouldn't want to pair an overstuffed comfy French country sofa right next to a stark claw-foot modern table (no matter how eclectic your tastes are). But wicker is just one of those types of furniture that can get along with everyone. If you're planning to mix and match wicker with your current furniture or you just know that you want some diversity on your patio in the future, this versatile material is a team player.
  1. Looks Great Indoors
Maybe you have a sunroom that you're looking to furnish or a closed-in back porch that's in dire need of a makeover. These spaces are meant to bring the outdoors to us, while still; keeping all the pollen, insects, and dust at a relatively safe distance. When the spring and summer winds start to blow, there are few greater pleasures than sipping an iced tea or reading a book in the pleasant winds. If you're looking for an aesthetic, comfortable material to enhance your experience, wicker will definitely fit the bill.
  1. Stands Up to Wear and Tear
We've already covered how durable it is under harsh weather conditions, but wicker is also great at holding up under the rough-and-tumble of everyday use. This is a particularly relevant benefit if you have a basketball hoop in your yard and a rather unwieldy ball. If your family isn't exactly known for being gentle with your furniture, wicker can definitely resist the dents and dings.

How to Decide

There are so many different kinds of patio furniture out there, so it all comes down to the best one for you. Some people love the timelessness of cast-iron, while others prefer the natural aesthetics of wood. Some don't want one specific material to dominate their backyard or side porch, so they'll buy a few well-made pieces that set off one another instead of ones that perfectly match. If you do choose wicker, the most important thing to consider is its overall quality. If you purchase a wicker piece with a loose weave, for example, you'll find that it doesn't take much for it to start falling apart. Cheaply made wicker furniture has also developed a reputation for being uncomfortable, which is definitely not a feature you want from a piece of indoor or outdoor furniture.

The Paddy O’ Furniture Difference

When you buy wicker from us, you're guaranteed to get a piece that can live up to all the listed benefits, plus more. We know how hard it can be to make up your mind when it comes to finding pieces that will complement your home, which is why we offer a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles. From our customer service to our selection, we've built our reputation on making customers happy. What's more, we stand by every piece we sell.
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