Holiday Lanterns at night

7 Christmas Decorating Ideas for a Big Backyard

Too many homeowners ignore their big backyard when it comes to holiday decorating, but a little extra attention can give you that many more reasons to entertain this season. When we all have a tendency to get caught in the virtual world, hosting friends and family in your festive home can give Christmas a little more meaning this year.

Cutouts on the Lawn

Cutouts of different sized trees, creatures, and stars create a woodland paradise for all. Cluster them in one corner or evenly disperse, depending on the yard's configuration.

Ornaments on the Trees

Hanging ornaments on all your outdoor trees give your yard a new lease on color. Plus, it's an easy way to use all the accumulated decorations over the years.

White Lights on the Table

Stringing elegant lights along the edge and legs of outdoor dining tables give you a festive place to enjoy a glass of wine and a Christmas cookie. Enjoy near the fire pit to warm you up even more!

Gifts on Outdoor Bars

Fashion illuminated gifts from little more than wire and tinsel and pile them up on the outdoor bar. This is a perfect craft idea to do with kids.

Industrial Lights Above

Hanging industrial lights above fire pits can be a great year-round trick that gives your yard the look and feel of an outdoor bistro.

Set Planters Between Seats

If you have patio or club chairs for your outdoor sitting area, set holly or evergreen planters between the seats to give them a pop of color.

Decorate the Doors

Your patio doors can be equally festive as the front when they're festooned with Christmas ribbons, garlands, and wreaths. Your backyard is an important part of your property, one that shouldn't be forgotten when the weather takes a turn.
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