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5 Patio Dining Sets That Go Great in Every Yard

Finding the perfect dining set for your yard is as much art as anything else. You need something that goes with your patio decor, that fits your lifestyle, and that is flexible if you want to change things around. On top of all that, it needs to be comfortable, easy to maintain, and practical to use. Oh, and it needs to look good. That’s a tall order and something not all consumers consider carefully. Although affordability and appearance are critical factors, they are not the only things that matter. What should you look for in a patio dining set?

What To Look For In a Patio Dining Set

Before you go shopping, it’s essential to know what to consider before you buy.

Size Does Matter

Size is probably the most critical consideration upfront. If you have a small balcony, for example, a bistro table and chairs make the most sense. If you plan on entertaining many people in your yard, then a long table is a practical choice. What about the average family just looking to have some place to sit and eat or drink in their yard? Then a round table with four comfortable chairs will fit just about every need.

Those Multipurpose Chairs

You might say a table is just a table, so it’s the chairs that make the dining set special. Whether you agree with that or not, it is hard to deny the importance of having suitable chairs. They need to be comfortable and functional. You also want chairs that match your table, although there is nothing wrong with mix and match. The most critical factor, though, is versatility. Chances are you will want to move your chairs around, so you can talk to people or watch what is going on in the yard. Maybe, you want to turn your chair so you can get the best light for reading. Consider how big you want your chairs to be, too, and if they should have cushions. Select colors and designs that match both your dining table and your outside environment as a whole.

Patio Dining Is a Material World

In other words, the structure and material used in the patio dining set matter. When looking at dining sets, consider:
  • Durability – How long will your dining set endure if you leave it outside?
  • Upkeep – How simple will it be to maintain your dining set?
  • Surfaces – How well will they withstand spills from food and drink? Or withstand the environment?
  • Comfort - How elegant and comfortable is it?
  • Weight — How simple is it to transport the dining set and move it around if necessary?

Five Dining Sets That Work for Any Patio

Now that you know what to look for, consider these five patio dining sets that work well in most outdoor spaces. madison dining set

The Madison

Add the beauty of wicker to your backyard decor with our Madison Dining Set. This unit comes with four comfortable, armless wicker chairs and a 54-inch round Newport slatted tabletop, which is lightweight, incredibly durable, and has a stunning ombre finish. The chairs feature a darker, roasted-pecan colored weave, and are made of highly durable all-weather high-density polyethylene material that can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws your way. The table consists of lightweight, powder-coated aluminum, making it easy to move, store and enjoy. You can also mix and match chairs with the table from the Madison grouping. For example, swap out two armless dining chairs with Madison Club Swivel units to get some variety. The Madison group also offers matching pieces to compliment your dining sets, such as chaise lounges. Finally, get the Madison patio dining set in a color that suits your style and decor. These chairs come in 14 vibrant Bliss Cushion colors, such as:
  • Bliss Spa
  • Bliss Sunset
  • Bliss Midnight
  • Bliss Sage
There is something for everyone so you can personalize your look and Find Your Bliss. mill valley dining set

Mill Valley Dining Set

If you love the Madison set, but prefer a lighter color in your chairs, then our Mill Valley Collection might be the best option for you. Like the Madison, Mill Valley Chairs are wicker with cushioned seating, although they offer a different style. The Mill Valley Dining Chairs sport a lighter, natural-wicker color, and are more like a club chair in that they have arms. Mill Valley’s dining chairs have a lower back than Madison Dining Chairs. They are also slightly wider and sit deeper, which makes them a comfortable and inviting choice for luxurious outdoor dining. Mill Valley chairs pair well with a variety of round, 54-inch tabletops, such as the Reclaimed top with ceramic tiles that has a distressed-wood look. Like most other sets made by Paddy O’, the Mill Valley group offers options to piece together patio decor that fits your style. If you want to add back cushions to your dining chairs, the Mill Valley Club Swivel Chair can easily accomplish this. And because Mill Valley is part of the Bliss Collection, you always have your choice of 14 cushion colors to enhance your patio’s look and feel. newport dining set

The Newport Collection

The Newport High Back Collection is one of Paddy O’ Furniture’s popular collections. It has a contemporary design with numerous transitional and classical design features. The frame of our Newport line is made of lightweight, powder-coated aluminum and is designed to handle harsh outdoor temperatures. The robust aluminum frame won't rust or create ugly rings on your patio or deck and is easy to relocate and maintain. The Newport Dining Set comes with four cushioned chairs and the round 54-inch Newport table. The table can be updated to any of our natural stone tops if you want to build a unique 5-piece dining set. rockport dining set

Rockport Dining Set

The Rockport Dining Set offers the same excellent quality found in Paddy O’ Furniture’s Newport Collection. This unit comes with four Rockport dining chairs and a 54-inch round dining table with a Newport top. Like our other dining sets, the table top can always be upgraded for a look that appeals to your style. The Rockport chairs are constructed with sturdy metal and a stunning graphite-colored finish. They come with Bliss Cushions for both the back and seat, which are available in 14 colors to create your dream patio. As with the other dining sets, you can easily transform your 5-piece dining set into a 7-piece or 9-piece set by adding additional seating and a larger table. rancho dining chairs

The Rancho Dining Set

The Rancho Dining Set comes with four cushioned chairs and includes the 54-inch slatted Newport tabletop. The Rancho Collection features classic, curved design elements. Its dining chairs are durable and lightweight. Easy to move around and equally easy to clean.

Think Beyond the Chairs and Tables

The beauty of the collections from Paddy O' Furniture is their versatility. You can add accessories that will give your patio even more flair. For example, a nearby umbrella will protect you from the sun while you eat. Also, each set has a firepit that matches the tabletop you choose. And for smaller areas, there are padded sling dining chairs and balcony barstools that can work with taller, balcony tables. If you are upgrading your patio with a beautiful dining set, look no further than Paddy O’ Furniture. Check out our selection online or at one of our showroom locations in Arizona or Tennessee.
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