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What is Resin Wicker and is it Durable? Patio Furniture Experts Explain

Wicker Outdoor Furniture with firepit table and mountains in background

One of the most popular style trends for outdoor furniture today is wicker. You’ll see it everywhere when you are shopping for patio furniture. If you are in the market to purchase a new rocker, bench or any other type of furniture, it is a good idea to know what to expect in terms of quality and overall functionality. Resin wicker is one of the most common options for those who want high-quality and long-lasting materials. At Paddy O’ Furniture, we offer a wide range of resin wicker options for you to choose from.

What Is Resin Wicker?

Natural wicker is beautiful and can be one of the most exciting pieces to buy. Yet, it simply does not last as long and can break down quicker than other patio furniture materials. That’s why resin wicker, which is a type of synthetic wicker, could be a better option for those looking for a material that won’t fall apart after the first monsoon season. Resin wicker is the most common type of wicker used for patio furniture because it has the highest level of durability possible, especially against the elements.

Resin wicker is made from extracted resins that come from plant material, as well as synthetic fibers. The materials are then hardened permanently. There are various types of these wickers available, including PVC, nylon, high-density polyethylene and polyethylene (PE). Which one you choose depends on your budget as well as what is available in the piece of furniture you want.

One of the most common and best products to use is one of the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) options. These are nonporous, which means they are excellent when it comes to fighting off the elements. They are also dyed all the way through the material. This helps ensure that they maintain their color and overall look for years to come. They also help to minimize any fading, which is common when it comes to UV light exposure.

It’s important to know that wicker is not a specific type of material, but rather the weaving process used to take the material and bind it together. That means that wicker can be made up of a wide range of materials. That includes the natural and synthetic options mentioned earlier as well as others.

Why Choose Resin Wicker Over Other Types of Patio Furniture Material?

First, let’s go over the differences between natural and resin wicker to determine which one may be the better option for your needs. Here are a few ways these products differ from each other.

  • A common concern with natural wicker is that it becomes brittle over time as it dries out. This can lead to cracks. However, this does not happen with resin wickers. Resin wicker doesn’t unravel and remains durable much longer as a result.
  • You can use natural and synthetic wicker outdoors or indoors. It’s a good idea to choose wicker carefully if you plan to use it outdoors (remember, not all products are as durable when it comes to the elements).
  • Pests are another concern for natural wicker (or any other type of natural material product). When left outdoors, this can typically lead to problems and an early breakdown of the product (reducing the value it brings to you).
  • Synthetic wicker offers a few key benefits. It’s easy to wash and maintain. It is not likely to scratch, fade or stain. More so, it is not going to break. The UV inhibitors in it also help it to maintain its color long-term.

Resin wicker isn’t the only patio furniture option out there. There are various other furniture materials including metals and wood products that can last many seasons over. Even plastics could prove a good option. Though for many people looking to own durable chairs, a beautiful bench or a rocker that is going to last more than one year, wicker tends to outshine other products. It’s always a good idea to choose resin wicker when you want a comfortable, long-lasting product that’s also stylish and trendy.

Find a Patio Furniture Collection Right for You

Are you ready to consider some of the resin wicker options we offer? We encourage you to find the right patio furniture for your needs. Some of our resin wicker products are going to fit those needs!

wicker patio furniture | Paddy O Furniture

Ventana Woven Collection

Ventana Woven

Imagine having the Ventana Woven chaise lounge on your deck, allowing you to relax and even snooze away the long day. One reason this product stands out is because it is handmade and highly durable with its powder-coated aluminum frame. It will not rust and will be your favorite place to relax year over year.

Wicker Patio Furniture | Paddy O Furniture

Inverness Loveseat


Another line of products you may like is our Inverness wicker pieces. Specifically, check out the Inverness Loveseat. This highly durable seat is a good choice when you have a small area where you wish to add some comfortable seating. It has a coastal weave to it and is also handmade. The high back design can help to make this piece a bit more comfortable as well. There are many matching components for those who want more flexibility.

Wicker Patio Furniture | Paddy O Furniture

Edge Hill Collection

Edge Hill

For those who want something with a bit more charm and function, check out the Edge Hill line of wicker furniture. One of the best pieces is the Edge Hill Club Recliner. This collection is truly an artisan-designed, impressive product. It is made from highly durable, all-weather HDPE, which means it’s also very sturdy and durable. You will love the driftwood finish on this piece, too. We also find adding any of the Bliss cushions we offer is going to turn this into the chair everyone wants to sit in on your deck or patio space.

Of course, each of these collections offers a number of different pieces to enjoy. That includes options in dining chairs, ottomans, sofas and much more. You can create an entire patio of entertainment space using some of these select items. Check out the rocker and bench options we offer, perfect for smaller spaces, or go with furniture that’s designed to create a stunning relaxation space where you will love to spend your evenings and afternoons.

At Paddy O’ Furniture, we offer something for everyone. If wicker is not the favorite in your family, check out any of our other items. You will find plenty of ways to spruce these items up, too, including a range of styles, cushion colors and finishes. You may love adding the vibrance and comfort of these resin wicker pieces to your home. All you have to do is to check out our lineup now and start planning for your outdoor escape.

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