How to Clean Patio Furniture [Infographic]

Clean Patio Furniture

Taking care of your patio furniture year-round will help it withstand inclement weather conditions and regular use. Proper care will make a noticeable difference in the long-term look of your furniture. Instead of dull and dusty, you’ll have clean and sleek-looking patio furniture. 


Preparing your furniture to be cleaned is easy. If you notice dirt or leaves on your cushions, clean them off right when you notice it. It’s also a good idea to dust them every other week to prevent residue buildup. Wipe everything down with a dry or damp rag to remove dirt and debris. 


Store cushions inside during rain or intense heat. If you won’t be using your furniture for an extended period of time, you might consider covering up your cushions or moving them inside. Umbrellas should be down and wrapped in offseasons. 


Many household materials can be used to clean your patio furniture. Harsh chemicals can be found in many store-bought cleaning solutions. Household cleaners are a mild option that can still get the job done. Combined with a soft brush or cloth, your DIY cleaning solution is sure to make your patio furniture as good as new. 


How to Clean Patio Furniture


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