Easiest Ways to Clean Your Patio Cushions

Clean Your Patio Cushions

When you live somewhere with beautiful weather, enjoying an al fresco dinner, pool party, or other outdoor gathering is as easy as putting up the umbrella and pulling up a chair. Outfitting your backyard with stylish, high-quality furniture will ensure you love it for years to come, but it’s still important to do some upkeep.

Taking care of your furniture year-round will help it withstand inclement weather conditions and regular or rough use. Plus, proper care will make a noticeable difference in the look of your furniture. Instead of dull and dusty, you’ll have clean and sleek-looking furniture.

Cleaning Your Patio Cushions

It’s simple to care for your patio furniture. Here’s the easiest way to clean your patio cushions:

  1. Pick up the cushion and set it upright
  2. Use a soft brush or dry rag to gently dust off any dirt (you can also shake it off)
  3. Then use a damp rag to spot clean any tough spots
  4. If necessary, use a gentle clear soap
  5. Let air dry

At Paddy O’ Furniture, we use high-quality materials and fabrics that are made to withstand the elements of nature. If you notice dirt or leaves on your cushions, clean them off right when you notice it. It’s also a good idea to clean them every other week to prevent residue buildup.

Store cushions inside during rain or intense heat. If you won’t be using your furniture for an extended period of time, you might consider covering up your cushions or moving them inside.

Bliss Cushions at Paddy O’ Furniture

Our plush seating collections feature extra comfortable, plush outdoor cushions that bring the comfort of your indoor furniture to your outdoor space. These colorful cushions are made with extremely durable, solution-dyed acrylic waterproof outdoor fabric and that is fade resistant for the Arizona sun.

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