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5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Outdoor Seating

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The outdoor area of your home is just as important as the interior when it comes to creating a space that is welcoming, relaxing, and functional. If you have a patio, deck, or porch that needs more seating, you have plenty of options to select from today. From a simple chair to a beautiful outdoor sofa, it’s possible to create a space that you love spending time in.

To do that, you need to consider a few key things about your outdoor furniture. First, be sure to measure the space and consider the type of furniture for that area. Look at factors such as how much seating you need and how people will walk through the area. With this layout in mind, consider a few strategies for choosing the ideal outdoor sofa, often the anchoring point to any outdoor living space.

Many product options exist. Yet, some people find it overwhelming to know what type of furniture is both comfortable and durable. Which pieces will fit their style and last year-after-year? Here are some factors to keep in mind.

#1: Start with Material

Now that you have an idea of the size of the space to dedicate towards your seating, the next step is to select the right material. The good news is you have plenty of options from powder coated, rust-free aluminum, beautiful all-weather wicker and in some cases wrought iron or steel. Any of these products – selected from a proven manufacturer – can work well.

Wicker offers a variety of styles and tends to offer a more natural feel than other products. It can cost a bit more, but high-quality wicker seating will last for years and maintain its shape and comfort. You may want to choose other products based on your preferences. For example, worry-free synthetic wood is an excellent choice for those who want a natural, beautiful look. For those who want a more modern look, powder-coated aluminum seating can work well. Metal like this is always an attractive option. It’s clean lines and sophistication can create the modern, sleek look you desire.

#2: Consider Seating Configuration Options

Before you start looking at all of the outdoor furniture options available to you, take a few minutes to consider just how versatile you can and want to be. Right now, we are focused on finding the best outdoor seating for your space, but think about the variety of options available to you there. For some people, a  single outdoor loveseat or sofa is all the room they have to dedicate to seating on their deck or patio. In this case, you probably want to choose an outdoor loveseat. It will provide enough room for two, sometimes three people.

If you have a bit more room, you gain more flexibility in the types of furniture you can use here. For example, you could place two loveseat-sized pieces facing each other. Perhaps a nice patio table could be put in the center of this. That is an easy way for you to get all of the room you need to play a game of cards or share a bottle of wine with friends. You can look at each other and converse with ease.

If you have a larger space, you have more opportunity for ample room configurations. For example, you could choose a four-piece straight sectional. This style is interesting because it gives you the ability to position four seats right next to each other. You can place them, for example, against the house on your patio or deck, creating a lot more room for people to walk by in the center. Or, you can select an L-shaped outdoor sectional. This is going to give you up to five pieces to use and a nice design for the corner of the room.

#3: Choose Cushions with Care

While the frame and design of your outdoor seating is important, you also want to consider the actual cushions used. These can see significant wear and tear over time, especially if you purchase an inferior product. That is not necessary, though. You can find high-quality cushions that fit your style and budget, but that also lasts for years to come.

For example, a patio sofa with Bliss cushions made of solution-dyed acrylic fabric, like our Mill Valley Collection, is a solid choice. You can use these throughout the year without any worry about fading. They are also easy to maintain with just a wipe of a damp cloth. They can handle water from the rain with ease, too. This makes these cushions a no-nonsense solution for most areas.

It also helps to purchase from a company that stands behind their products. Ours are designed to provide you with a worry-free guarantee. You can feel good about the fact these outdoor sofas are going to last for years to come with ease. We strive to ensure you are buying only quality products and materials when you buy from us.

#4: Think About an Incorporated Seat

Not all of the furniture you choose for the outdoors needs to use cushions. Many people would rather get away from the overstuffed look. That’s where a fully incorporated seat can work well. For example, in our Breckenridge Collection, you will notice the seat has a padded, comfortable cushion, but it’s actually fully incorporated and encased into the woven seat. This is a fantastic option for those who want something a bit more stylish and elegant than other furniture. It is still very easy to use and maintain, but it also is simplistic, clean, and modern.

#5: Movement and Sturdy Design

A final consideration for some is the movement – or not – of the furniture pieces. Sometimes, it can be nice to rock a bit in the piece of furniture you purchase. Other times, you want something that is sturdy and strong – something that will not have any give or movement to it at all.

Another option, also seen in our Breckenridge Collection, is a swivel. Though it is not common for a sofa to do this, you can get more movement and play by incorporating a chair that swivels into the layout of your patio. Don’t overlook other complementary pieces to your sofa, too, such as tables to fill in the space, and even a chair or two to bring more people together.

Your outdoor seating should be inviting and comfortable to you. Even if you plan to entertain, these pieces of furniture will be used more often by you than anyone else. You need to love the way they feel and look. Invest a bit of extra time into finding high-quality furniture that you can truly love to get the best results from it. You’re sure to find pieces well worth the investment right here.

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